Borneo for the past 2 centuries has been the epitome of adventure travel. While bustling ports like Penang, Melaka, and Singapore attracted early travelers with dollars in their eyes, Borneo attracted those with adventure in their hearts. Today the island still draws visitors who seek new and unusual experiences, and few leave disappointed. Rivers meander through dense tropical rainforests, beaches stretch for miles, and caves snake out longer than any in the world. All sorts of creatures you’d never imagine live in the rainforest: deer the size of house cats, owls only 15cm (6 in.) tall, the odd proboscis monkey, and the endangered orangutan, whose only other natural home is Sumatra. It’s also home to the largest flower in the world, the Rafflesia, spanning up to a meter (3.3 ft.) wide. Small wonder this place has special interest for scientists and researchers the world around.

We marveled at the sunsets in Kota Kinabalu,driving across the country through mile upon mile of deforestation now palm oil plantations very sad, we then arrived at the last area of rainforest remaining where we encountered wild Pigmy Elephants, proboscis monkey, 5 species of hornbills, and the highlight of the adventure was finding a Mother and Baby orangutan Amazzzzzing !! We were so lucky to see this as they are thought to be extinct within the next 5 years due to poaching bastards. Marian finally overcomes her fear of snorkeling, after which we head for the town of Kuching a delightful town with good bars and food. All in all we were flabbergasted by the amount of Forest destruction but we had an adventure to say the least.

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