For a long time Laos was largely unknown to Western travellers. However, since the 1990s, a steady flow of visitors has trickled into this poverty-stricken, old-fashioned country, encouraging the development of some traveller-oriented services. For many, a journey through Laos consists of a whistle-stop tour through the two main towns of Vientiane and Louang Phabang, with perhaps a brief detour to the mysterious Plain of Jars or ancient Wat Phou. Those willing to explore further and brave difficult roads and basic, candlelit accommodation will be rewarded with a rugged natural landscape and an ethnically diverse people not much changed over the centuries. And this is what we did we got our hands on a Ford Ranger see pics and took off across the North of the country. 

The four thousand islands in the south on the Mekong, the dinosaurs of Savanakett, The night clubs of Vientiane, Driving though jungles inhabited by tigers, and river caves where we met Tam Sabai and friends, all contribute to making this a very memorable trip indeed.

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